A Caddisflies Dilemma

  • These caddisflies seem to accumulate every year within some small rivulets leaving from beaver ponds near Mendenhall Lake in Juneau, Alaska.
  • The small streams have a sandy bottom and the caddisflies cannot seem to grip the substrate in the current.
  • So they tend to accumulate in the deeper water areas.
  • Why they are there and where they come from is a project we are working on.
  • Do they normally live in Mendenhall Lake (a glacial lake) and get caught in this area as the lake level lowers in the fall.
  • Or do they normally live in the beaver pond and move past the dams and cannot return.
  • They belong to the family called Northern Case Makers.
  • An entomologist at UAA in Anchorage has identified them as belonging to the genus Lenarchus
  • Hopefully we will eventually be able to put together the full story about why they are in this area.

A Caddisflies Dilemma from Bob Armstrong on Vimeo.

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