Coho Salmon Arrive for Spawning

  • This video shows the general sequence of coho salmon preparing to spawn.
  • The captions indicate the various changes in behavior.
  • Of interest is dispite hours and hours of taking underwater videos of coho salmon I never once captured the actual spawning act nor did I ever observe it by watching from above.
  • Among salmon the female coho seem to behave somewhat different.
  • She may dig several probable nest sites over a fairly large area.
  • She may then allow males to approach her and begin selecting specific places to deposite her eggs.
  • It seems to be fairly common for the process to get interupted by bears.
  • Since coho spawn later than other salmon bears may especially seek them out in order to build up their fat prior to hibernation.


Coho Salmon Arrive for Spawning from Bob Armstrong on Vimeo.

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