Dolly Performs for GoPro

  • This video shows a male Dolly Varden courting a female Dolly Varden in front of a GoPro camera.
  • Part of their courtship involves vibrating themselves next to the female.
  • The rest of the video shows the various creatures that feed on Dolly Varden.
  • These images include American Dipper, Bonaparte's Gull, Great Blue Heron, Common Merganser, and Belted Kingfisher.
  • Humans, of course, also fish for them--the first image is of Peter Winslow, a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
  • Peter and his co-worker later disappeared while studiing Dolly Varden in Alaska's Arctic Ocean.
  • No trace of Peter, his co-worker, or their boat was ever found. 
  • The next image is of Bob Armstrong taken while Peter Winslow and I were studiing Dolly Varden on the Wulik River.
  • The last image shows a painting of Miss Dolly Varden a character in a play. The fish Dolly Varden was named because it resembled the pink spotting on Miss Dolly Varden's dress. That is why Dolly Varden is always capitalized.
  • It is fun to play the song "Hello Dolly" by Louis Armstrong along with the video.
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