The Importance of Lyngby's Sedge

  • This is probably the most important plant in Alaska's marine wetlands.
  • The plants scientific name is Carex lyngbyei
  • How do you tell a sedge from a grass?
  • Canada Geese and many waterfowl eat its seeds, graze the green stems and roots.
  • In spring they like to nip off the protein-rich new growth that starts under the horny tips that emerge in the fall.
  • Think about the advantage of starting to emerge in fall just before winter.
  • How can you tell if geese and ducks have been feeding on this plant?
  • For more information about this sedge and other wetland plants look at Mendenhall Wetlands
  • To learn about the value of sedges browse Wetland Sedges of Alaska by Gerald Tande & Robert Lipkin
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