Marmots Like to Play

  • This is a shorter version of the video Marmots Love to Play. It includes a sequence in the alpine as well as a den.
  • In Juneau the Hoary Marmot is common along many beach areas as well as in the alpine.
  • They seem to enter the den for hibernation about the same time in late August or early September.
  • But the beach marmots seem to emerge from hibernation around a month or more earlier than the alpine marmots.
  • The group of marmots on the beach probably involves both parents, one youngster from last year (a teenager) and one first year marmot.
  • The one laying down is probably the adult male (dad) because they do not normally take care of the children.
  • I suspect the largest one standing is the adult female (mom).
  • Marmots are considered "true hibernators" to learn more about them look at Chilling Out How Warm-Blooded Animals Survive Southeast Winters by Bob Armstrong and Marge Hermans
  • Then answer the question how does hibernation benefit marmots?
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