Songbird Flies Underwater 2

  • This video shows an American Dipper searching for aquatic insects and fish underwater.
  • Notice in the fairly shallow water how it uses both its legs and wings to propel itself.
  • In the deeper water it uses its wings and basically "flies" underwater.
  • In one of sequences it chases a juvenile coho salmon which it doesn't catch.
  • In this video the dipper is mostly looking for aquatic insects.
  • Why does it search in amongst the woody debris that has accumulated in the stream?
  • A lot of this searching occurs when the salmon are actively spawning in the stream.
  • Aquatic insects that live amongst the gravel and stones are usually displaced by the salmons digging motions.
  • They typically drift downstream and often accumulate in amongst the woody debris where salmon don't usually spawn.
  • Also there are some aquatic insects that prefer woody debris.
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