From Sunrise to Sunset

  • From Sunrise to Sunset is a timelapse video taken with a Browning Strike Force Pro Trail Camera.
  • It was set in the Timelapse mode to take one photo per minute.
  • The time was set for all day -- basically from sunrise to sunset.
  • On November 1 in Juneau, Alaska the camera operated from 7:33 a.m. to 5:34 p.m. (ten hours).
  • It took about 600 photos - each photo at 300 dpi was 12.8 by 7.2 inches. 
  • With a 128 GB card it would last about 220 days
  • Saved as AVI, converted it to MP4 in Video Pad, and produced it in Movie Maker. The original size was 594 MB the production size was 208 MB.
  • Without any changes the video lasted 2.03 minutes.