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  • A Fish and Bird Mixing Zone is a video taken along the Mendenhall Lake in Juneau, Alaska.
  • The value of these clearwater streams entering a glacial lake appears to be important for both fish and birds.
  • Possible reasons include: 1. The stream water is warmer than the water in the glacier lake which would provide a better habitat for aquatic insects and in turn, attract salmon and Dolly Varden young to feed on them. 2. The aquatic insects, especially after emerging, would attract songbirds to feed on them. 3. The stream no doubt moves various plant seeds from the forest into this zone which provides food for seed eating birds. 
  • A study of this type of habitat could be very important. These areas, perhaps, should be protected from human disturbance. 
  • A Fairy Slipper Emerges is a video showing this orchid in its early stages and finally when in full bloom.
  • The last part of the video shows a few tiny flies visiting the orchid.
  • This orchid is supposidly pollinated by bees and I hope to eventually get a video of one visiting it.
  • For more information about this orchid look at  Native Orchids of Southeast Alaska the book by Marlin Bowles & Bob Armstrong and go to page 14.
  • I Need to Preen is a video showing a probable mated pair of Glaucous-winged Gulls where one displaces the other.
  • The Last Couple of Days in April is a selection of my favorite photos taken in Juneau, Alaska.
  • I visited three places -- the alpine, near Mendenhall Glacier, and a couple of islands outside of Auke Bay.
  • This sequence might be useful to see if you can identify what is in each photo.
  • Todays' Post shows Northwestern Crows, Glaucous-winged Gulls, and a Bald Eagle perching and interacting on the top of a post in saltwater. 
  • This happened on a day in late April in Juneau when we had occasional snow showers. 
  • Gunnels are hard to swallow! shows a Great Blue Heron attempting to swallow a probable Crescent Gunnel.
  • Notice also towards the end a Northwestern Crow picks up a gunnel and flies off with it.
  • To learn more about these fish look at  Crescent Gunnel by State Conservation Status, Element Ecology & Life History Author(s): McClory, J.G. and T.A. Gotthardt. 
  • Heron Eats a Flatfish shows a Great Blue Heron capturing a small fish and eating it.
  • This was filmed in Juneau, Alaska on May 5, 2019.