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  • Waterfowl at the Mendenhall Lake Outlet shows the variety and abundance of ducks and swans that rest and feed in that area. 
  • It is generally far enough away from human access that there is usually very little disturbance of them.
  • If a trail is constructed along Mendenhall Lake to better access this area, people and dogs would cause most of the waterfowl to leave.
  • The proposal to make this area more accessible to humans would change this. If a bridge is constructed across the outlet it might destroy the value of the area for waterfowl.
  • There appears to be a unique algae that grows in the outlet that attracts the birds.
  • It is one of the best places to see Mountain Bluebirds in the Juneau area. This is a rare bird for Southeast Alaska. They appear to be attracted to this spot to feed on the numerous aquatic insects that emerge here.
  • In some years I have observed coho salmon spawning in this area very late in the year-- December. The value of the area for salmon and their young should be evaluated.
  • I recommend that a very thorough study of this environment and its value for birds and other wildlife be conducted before any plans are finalized. 
  • One consideration would be to make a wildlife viewing platform with interpretive signs overlooking this area -- accessed by a trail from the campground. And do nothing to alter the value of the area for wildlife.