Water Bear in Action

  • Water Bear is a common name for a group of invertebrates called Tardigrades.
  • They are very tiny about the size of a dot made with a pencil.
  • The word Tardigrade means "slow walker" which describes their rather sluggish, clumsy movement.
  • They are one of the hardiest creatures on earth.
  • They have been reported to survive more than 100 years, often completely dried up.
  • They can tolerate extreme below breezing temperatures of minus 200 C.
  • They are even known to survive in outer space.
  • Water Bears are very common in Alaska and 84 species have been found so far.
  • To learn more about them in Alaska look at Tardigrades of Alaska by Carl Johansson etc
  • They are easy to find, see, and study under a microscope.
  • Just grab a chunk of moss, soak it in water overnight, squeeze it, remove the moss and look in the water for them under a microscope.
  • To learn more about these fascinating creatures look at Tardigrades: Bears of the Moss by Miller

Water Bear in Action from Bob Armstrong on Vimeo.

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