Swimming Vole

  • On the Mendenhall Wetlands in Juneau many Long-tailed Voles live close to the upper edge of the intertidal zone.
  • When we get the occasional really high tides over 18-19 feet the voles often get trapped by the incoming tide and are forced to swim.
  • They seem to be fairly good at swimming but this makes them vulnerable to predation by Bald Eagles and Short-eared Owls.
  • The excellent photo by Zachary Hanna at the end of this video shows a Short-eared Owl with one of the voles.
  • You can learn more about these owls and their long-tailed vole prey at The Perfect Predator, Owl, by Bob Armstrong and Marge Hermans
  • And looking at pages 87 and 90.
  • Also look at the essay by Mary Willson on Short-eared Owls and Voles

Swimming Vole from Bob Armstrong on Vimeo.

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